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The North entrance to Yellowstone Park is the only entrance open year around!

Enjoy HOT TUBS and Wireless Internet at all three Houses!

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are all great seasons to experience Yellowstone National Park while staying at a Yellowstone Lookout Riverside Vacation Rental Home

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Winter | Spring | Summer | Fall

Winter in Yellowstone

Check out this Winter in Yellowstone Country slide show!

When winter sets in and snow falls on the nearby mountains, the Yellowstone River is fabulous to watch as ice chunks float by. Downhill skiers can head for the slopes at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky, while cross country skiers and snowmobilers can find fabulous trails in the mountains nearby or in Yellowstone Park. After a long day of winter play, the cozy gas fired woodstoves at Yellowstone Lookout and HOT TUBS at Yellowstone will be a welcome sight.

The magnificent North entrance to Yellowstone Park is a short drive to the South through Montana痴 fabulous Paradise Valley. You値l find that most of the Yellowstone Park roads are closed to normal vehicle traffic during the winter, from mid-December through mid-March. As such, it makes a winter visit an outstanding time to take a snow coach ride, cross country ski or snowmobile through the Park.

The only car-accessible Yellowstone Park entrance that remains open year-round is located at Mammoth (the North Entrance). That plowed road makes for a fun drive in the winter遥ou can explore the Tower Falls area, the Lamar Valley and Cooke City. You may even want to stop and ski on some of the many groomed cross-country ski trails which are located along this road. If you want to view wolves, check out the Lamar Valley in the winter. It is fairly common to view wolf packs from road turnouts using scopes or binoculars. In Mammoth you can rent snowmobiles, cross-country skis and snowshoes and take snow coaches that transport you to Old Faithful or take you on tours to other destinations.

In addition to soaking in the hot pools at Chico Hot Springs, another favorite winter activity is to experience the outdoor natural hot spring pools at Boiling River. You値l find the Boiling River parking area about 3 miles inside the park from Gardiner. After parking, you値l walk about a half mile along a path bordering the Gardiner River. Eventually, you値l see a place where a creek of hot geothermal water flows into the river (you値l see lots of steam). Here you値l see rocks piled up in the river to create natural pools where the hot water mingles with the cold river water to create comfortable places to soak and relax. It may be a little chilly when you get out, but it痴 FUN and likely to be an experience that you値l never forget.

Spring in Yellowstone

In the Spring as plants are budding, migratory birds return, newly born animals appear, the first tiny wildflowers bloom, and the fish start biting at your private fishing accesses at both Yellowstone Lookout homes.

Spring is another incredible time to visit Yellowstone Park, especially if you enjoy wildlife. Great photography opportunities are everywhere, and people are not. The newborn bison and elk babies are born and usually can be easily seen throughout the Park. And, if you like wildflowers, you'll find many varieties to admire and photograph.

Summer in Yellowstone

As Summer unfolds, you'll watch many boats drift by on the River and, in fact, you might want to fish and float the wild Yellowstone River yourself. The nearby meadow and fields turn to green, the birds and animals are minding their young, rodeo season is under way, and horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking are always fun.

And, if you visit Yellowstone Park, you'll see it in all it's glory!!

Fall in Yellowstone

With Fall approaching and the days getting shorter, the fall colors on the many cottonwoods and aspens are stunning, the nights are cooler and the warmth of the gas fired wood stove feels great. If you are interested in fishing, walk out the door to take in some of the best Yellowstone River fishing of the year. Guests who are interested in hunting will find the Yellowstone Lookout location primo. This region of Montana has excellent populations of elk, mule deer, whitetail, moose, black bear, bighorn sheep, mountain goat and mountain lion. For further information regarding hunting, licensing and regulations log onto fwp.mt.gov/hunting.

Fall is also a great time to visit Yellowstone National Park - the elk come down from the high country and can often be heard 'bugeling', the bears tend to be out and about, and other wildlife is typically easy to view. And, while the wildlife is in abundance, the tourists are not so you can enjoy this special place in its most natural state.

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