Urinator Kit Review – The Urinator Urine Testing Device with temperature sensor rod

Drug tests are common these days, and almost 80% of the private companies are now conducting drug tests. This subject even has created some problems for the people who enjoy imbibing on their own time during weekends. It is harmless, but it can also put their careers in danger. That is the reason most people nowadays rely on Synthetic urine for passing drug tests.

Urinator kit with IV bag and sensor rod- best testing temperature control device

But I do not think that synthetic urine would be enough for passing a drug test. I mean to assume that you get into a room where no one will be there, and you will be providing your artificial sample. Assume that if someone is monitoring you over there? That is why, It is obvious that artificial pee is not enough, and to respond to this, companies come up with things like Urinator.

sample urine

What is a Urinator urine testing device?

It is only a way to deliver the liquids and make them look natural. In simple words, the artificial urine will be transmitted through the Urinator under your pants. So, that it will look natural as the real pee even if someone is monitoring you over there. The urinator kit has a prosthetic penis that you can use for the test.

You only need to mix the solution and ready the pouch, and later put the same pouch along with the Urinator under your pants. Don’t worry; the urinator urine testing device has a mini blanket that hides the Urinator hitting elements like temperature sensor, port vinyl iv bag, and computer chip. You need to fill the bottle filling device with the syringe. Make sure your remove air from the bag. You can use a urine belt to hide the urinator urine testing device.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is your confidence. You need to act like there is nothing extra in your pants and make it look like that everything is discrete as you can make it.

Even in some cases, if you have a chaperone and someone had monitored you. Then, all they will see is the tip of the urinator urine testing device.

Urinator Kit Unboxing: What comes with the package?

There is nothing much but just more than one content of Urinator. However, the things that will come along with the package are:

  • The Urinator itself
  • 2 test strips to confirm temperature (important)
  • Thermometer
  • A computer chip that digitally controls the temperature
  • Sensor rod
  • Port vinyl IV bag
  • Mini Blanket
  • Two 9 volt Duracell batteries
  • Urine belt
  • screw cap
  • fluid bag
  • Owner’s manual

For instance, I prefer testing on the water fillings first until you get perfect on it.

How much does the urinator urine testing temperature control device cost?

It is quite highly priced. To be an instance, It is five times more than a standard urine kit. The price of the urinator kit is 149.99$.

The manufacturing and the packaging of the kit explain everything about the cost, but still, It is too much for this kit.

Will the urine testing temperature control urinator Kit work?

Many reviews are available over the internet for Urinator. Some of them may even praise this product at the high end, but I don’t think it is capable of this much praise.

I have found it difficult to conceal the steal on the very first time use, and after that, the liquid flow is kind of uncontrollable. (which is not a good thing if someone is monitoring us while taking out the samples).

In the end, I do not find this kit useful to me and also not good as for the price it is being offered.


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